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HOVEL. A place used by husbandmen to set their ploughs, carts, and other farming utensils, out of the rain and sun. Law Latin Dict. A shed; a cottage; a mean house.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It seemed to Hetty as if those dozen dreams had only passed into another dream--that she was in the hovel, and her aunt was standing over her with a candle in her hand.
Then he turned away and walked towards the door of the hovel, but it was not till he got there that he stood still, and, turning his shoulder half-round towards her, said, "Aw, I can show you the way to Norton, if you like.
As she followed him out of the hovel she thought she would give him a sixpence for telling her the way, and then he would not suppose she was wild.
"Being thus provided, I resolved to reside in this hovel until something should occur which might alter my determination.
She approached one of the wretched hovels by the way-side, and knocked with her hand upon the door.
The affection which they have for their wretched hovels in country districts is something quite unexplainable.
The hovel was here remarkably neat, the posts and rafters being made of about a dozen dry thistle-stalks bound together with thongs of hide; and by the support of these Ionic-like columns, the roof and sides were thatched with reeds.
Azara has also observed with astonishment this change: he is likewise much perplexed by the immediate appearance of plants not occurring in the neighbourhood, on the borders of any track that leads to a newly- constructed hovel. In another part he says, [8] "ces chevaux
There, amid patches Of garden ground and cornfield, she sees the few wretched hovels of the settlers, with the still ruder wigwams and cloth tents of the passengers who had arrived in the same fleet with herself.
I exulted in the boundless freedom of the design; the open air of that immense scene, where adventure followed adventure with the natural sequence of life, and the days and the nights were not long enough for the events that thronged them, amidst the fields and woods, the streams and hills, the highways and byways, hostelries and hovels, prisons and palaces, which were the setting of that matchless history.
Naseem Bibi said that she was happy and free in her hovel where she was not accountable to anybody and that she could pray and sit beside the grave of her husband whenever she felt sad or missed him.
The evolution of the dwelling from kariton to hovel had been slow but sure ('Voyeur,' 6/5/18) - a claimed space that, in its final form set against a wall,measured roughly 6 feet by 3, not counting a wooden chair and assorted impedimenta by the 'door' and a pile of cardboard and old newspapers at theother end, requiring pedestrians to step from the sidewalk onto the street and thence back up in their progress toward their destination.