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Bush should be a statesman, lead his people into accepting the hit, and initiate such an honest conversation, which would of necessity deal with America's own involvement in creating/supporting elements of Al Qaeda during the Afghan war against the Soviets--only to be howled down.
It was howled down and Bookmakers' Coms mittee representatives marched on with Plan A, offering a further decline in the amount going to racing.
Gwynedd Council attempted a strategic approach, they were howled down. We may consequently get the worst of all worlds - the closure of old schools without replacement by modern new ones; the loss of community facilities without adequate alternatives; and a patchwork of primary schools unrelated to strategic educational objectives.
Is our understanding of Skelton's poetry and the role it played in the movement enhanced or even altered if we were also told that he was a journeyman shoemaker, veteran of the London Working Mens Association, who had been involved in the general strike and the Complete Suffrage conference in 1842; that at a 'great gathering' at the height of the crisis in March 1848 he was howled down for urging a 'moral force' strategy?
As a profession, we need to avoid falling into the Pythonesque caricature of the whiny nerd who pipes up with: "Er, I think you will find that should be 49.1 per cent, not 49.2 per cent," only to be howled down by the articulate tendency who mistake vagueness for the big picture and prefer the comfort of blurriness to the cold steel of precision.
His latest pronouncements - on the wearing of the Muslim veil and erosion of public displays of Christianity - would quite probably be howled down were they delivered by a politician.
Yet when one low level politician made the eminently sensible suggestion that a coastal city which lies beneath sea level and which steadily sinks lower not be rebuilt but abandoned, he was howled down and forced into a quick retraction.
They were howled down, which is why the Blues are looking at another season of mediocrity.
The wind howled down the darkening streets, and it was starting to snow.
When Y attempted to explain his version of the event, he "was howled down by the crowd which was shouting that he be hung, beaten up, and so on." (61)
Canvas tents supplied by Turkey's Red Crescent leaked as the snow fell and makeshift nylon tents ripped apart or flew away as winds howled down from the Black Sea.