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This study is a contribution to a baseline knowledge of endoparasites infecting black and gold howler monkeys, A.
I mention a tweet I read from a young fan who told the band his 48-year-old dad loved Howler and couldn't stop playing their new album, America Give Up, which was released last week.
Howler Technologies recently formed the joint venture ROK Talk Ltd, with ROK Entertainment Group Inc to market and sell the 'ROK Talk' product.
BEATEN by an average team with the help of the worst ref I've seen since Uriah Rennie, plus a howler by Andy O'Brien ( BULB CHANGER.
Jacobs of the University of California, Santa Barbara and his colleagues reported that both male and female howler monkeys--New World primates that eat primarily leaves--have fully trichromatic vision.
There is no hiding from the fact that it was a howler, but we have got to stand by the guy.
On a recent hike, he used his talent for mimicking animal cries to start a shouting match with a group of howler monkeys hidden in the treetops.
BLACK howler monkey Dargie has taken a dislike to our head gardener's new leaf blower.
HOTLY-TIPPED quintet HOWLER are in Stockton tonight.
The howler is repeated on at least five occasions in his autobiography Monty, published last month.
And seven minutes later Sunderland were behind after a howler from Ferdinand led to full-back Bardsley turning the ball into his own net.