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Shouts, laughter, furious music, a bewildering chaos of darting and intermingling forms, stormy jerking and snatching of gay dresses, bobbing beads, flying arms, lightning flashes of white-stockinged calves and dainty slippers in the air, and then a grand final rush, riot, a terrific hubbub, and a wild stampede
It begins at three o'clock," the housemaid went on, "and, what with practicing and rehearsing, and ornamenting the schoolroom, there's a hubbub fit to make a person's head spin.
Then a great hubbub of voices arose, each man among the crowd that looked on calling for his favorite archer.
In the midst of all the noise and hubbub five men came walking across the lawn toward the King's pavilion.
From the spot on which they had placed themselves the two new guests of the Image-de-Notre-Dame heard the ever-increasing hubbub of the tide of people, and lost neither a cry nor a gesture of the drinkers, at tables in the cabaret, or disseminated in the chambers.
I see a vast hubbub in the hippodrome; what is the meaning of it, I beseech you?
So in the market-place there reigns perpetual excitement, a nameless hubbub, made up of the cries of mixed-breed porters and carriers, the beating of drums, and the twanging of horns, the neighing of mules, the braying of donkeys, the singing of women, the squalling of children, and the banging of the huge rattan, wielded by the jemadar or leader of the caravans, who beats time to this pastoral symphony.
All this hubbub excited the attention of Boxtel, who was just taking his meal by his fireside.
Had he sprung at her, or snarled, or shown any anger or resentment such as did the other dogs when so treated by her, she would have screamed and screeched and raised a hubbub of expostulation, crying for help and calling all men to witness how she was being unwarrantably attacked.
30pm-12am 10 MacMuse plus Deadman's Stand, The Live Lounge, The Venue, Dumfries, 8-11pm 10 The Dogz, The Riverside Bar, Dumfries, 9pm-12am 10 Ward & Watson, Hubbub Supper Club, Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, 6-9pm 10 Mustand Stanley,The New Bazaar, 38-39 Whitesands, Dumfries, 8.
As a Mosulian and as one of the University of Mosul's graduates, I feel that it is my duty to participate in the rebuilding process of the city and its libraries, especially as I am planning to return to my home city with my family once I finish my PhD,' Alkhaled wrote in the crowdfunding page Hubbub.
His works of the old Lahore city vividly capture shifting light and shadows, the textures and patina left on alley walls by the passage of time and the hubbub of streets and the ding of everyday life.