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This hubris is not symptomatic only of the Trump administration.
This led to the hubris of martial law, patronage politics coupled with tyranny and consolidated by corruption.
Indeed, examining General Douglas MacArthur's leadership during the Korean War and France's inglorious surrender at Dien Bien Phu, Horne writes a fitting recapitulation and coda for the theme of hubris and peripeteia.
Mythomania is a psychological term for a syndrome in which an individual lies repeatedly for no reason, while hubris syndrome is defined by an overestimation of one's importance and abilities.
Today the euro project looks like a case of hubris on steroids.
Using a large set of survey data on Chinese firms and a large archive of US firm data, we found that the social influence of executive hubris is stronger in the Chinese context than in the US.
We see politicians suffering from hubris who say things like "if people want me, I will be in this position or life", and others who not only take over powers of the law enforcement officers but even of the judiciary as their uptake of dopamine in the brain's reward network has resulted in an increase in egocentricity and a reduction in empathy.
In point of fact, these are hugely disparate cases, and the concept of hubris, powerful as it is, can only with great difficulty be stretched to explain all three; in fact, it is tempting to suggest that Beinart has himself taken an idea that has proved successful in certain, limited circumstances and expanded it into a grand doctrine, applicable always and everywhere.
This hubris of reason finally began to dissolve under Franklin D.
Collins (2009) describes five steps in the stages of decline in an organization, the first of which is the hubris born of success.
Summary: Perhaps we are displaying hubris to conclude that Mossad agents killed Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month, but we believe it is the assassination that perfectly reflects the hubris of overconfident and unaware people.
We can lead a strong European foreign policy or, lost in hubris nostalgia or xenophobia, watch our influence in the world wane.