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What is the number of patients who have suffered from mythomania and hubris syndrome in Turkey over the last 11 years?
For decades, hubris has been the common currency of the economic policy world.
My hubris exceeded my understanding of not bothering people.
The report introduces three risk cases, based on an analysis of survey results, consultation with experts and further research, namely: the risk cases are testing economic and environmental resilience, the dangers of hubris on human health and digital wildfires in a hyper-connected world chronic
Anchored in the upper echelons theory and the cross-cultural management literature, this study investigated the social influence of executive hubris among peer executives in two different cultural contexts: China and the US.
In point of fact, these are hugely disparate cases, and the concept of hubris, powerful as it is, can only with great difficulty be stretched to explain all three; in fact, it is tempting to suggest that Beinart has himself taken an idea that has proved successful in certain, limited circumstances and expanded it into a grand doctrine, applicable always and everywhere.
Founded by Jon Alain Guzik in 2007, Hubris Factory is a creative consultancy that aims to help brands navigate the media space by developing strategies that reflect the core, heritage and lifestyle of brands through experiential and online campaigns.
This hubris of reason finally began to dissolve under Franklin D.
Israeli hubris increased -- but what happened in Dubai should be a lesson.
Hayward identifies links between solid executive decision making and successful business outcomes, and offers frameworks and concepts allowing executives the benefits of a healthy ego without the dangerous excesses of executive hubris.
Tech companies aren't the only places where such corporate kings emerge, of course; problems at Merck, NASA and Vivendi are also profiled as cases in which executive hubris resulted in devastating incidents or losses.
But this kind of irony did not for a moment cool the hubris of Villaraigosa.