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7) An early statement of these goals is her 1983 painting The World (89 Degrees), which, hubristically enough, presents an entire section of the globe as an array of her own projects to date, with the earth turned on its ear, minus (in a pointed deviation from any rectilinear regularity) one degree.
Again, a courageous attempt at a time when any doubts or dilemmas expressed about a field of study are hubristically seen as betraying the cause and constituting an attack on its foundational principles.
Mansfield's brilliant analysis of the scientific approach, especially the political and moral consequences of the doctrine of evolution, helps one understand how those with such a reductionist view of mankind can think so highly of themselves and so hubristically of their enterprise.
In his right hand, Pines clutches two parchments, the tribal calculations that prove the bookkeeper has shown his work on paper, while his left hand gestures hubristically that Pines has also shown his work by progeny: the proof's clearly in the populace.
Perhaps the weightiest charge along these lines is that film theory, in privileging theory, pitted itself hubristically against criticism and the experiences of viewers--though to that charge many a theorist would gladly have pleaded guilty at the time, on the premise that experience needed to be checked: both examined and, where necessary, repudiated.
The Comte, who is initially Nietzsche's oblivious man, consciously questing after truth whilst unconsciously lying, hubristically secure in the knowledge that "si manana amanecieran vacios todos los libros del mundo, unos cuantos viejos podriamos escribirlos de nuevo" (62), is unable to document this conundrum as it transcends literary capture and is therefore foreign to his rational, linguistic system.
But Martin is not only the woodcutter from fairy tale, he is also a personification of overweening ambition: he hubristically decides he will take the woman for himself.
Rather than risk this, I decided hubristically on a
Lycaon mocked his subjects as gullible, however, and hubristically announced that he would find out whether his guest was really divine: "I will test whether this man is indeed a mortal man; nor will the truth be in doubt.
I would suggest, however, that the emergence of "new" subjects with "different" stories to tell actually set in motion the de-centering and deconstructing of a phallocentric subject who had claimed to represent humankind, indeed hubristically had claimed representational universality.