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There is no help from the huckster religions of talk show host and Dear Abby column; the huckster religions of self-hypnosis and metaphysical philosophy; the huckster religions of megavitamin and miracle herb; the huckster religions of mind over matter, and the escapism of lottery tickets and of substance abuse and of promised demon-slayer TV preachers.
I have childhood memories of a produce huckster coming into the neighborhood, and how my mother would run out with pleasure and excitement at the opportunity to buy fresher berries, tomatoes, and corn than she could get at the supermarket.
The huckster arrives in town, tells all the rubes that disaster impends for them and their families, but says there may be one last chance they can be saved.
People called me a fraud, a huckster, and a flimflam artist.
I'm certainly not sorry that the huckster mortgage companies and banks that thought it was a good idea to make subprime loans to people with bad credit ratings are now taking a bath.
In fascinating fashion, Fields vacillated between two screen personas--the huckster and henpecked husband.
Sam Thomas failed to overturn the five-day ban he received after being found guilty of careless riding on Huckster at the same Newton Abbot meeting.
On that effort alone, Panzer deserves to go one better, and he had also turned in a respectable performance on his Doncaster debut when fourth to Huckster over an extended two miles.
Part photographic visionary, part huckster hawking his full-length documentary (the first one in history, in fact) of Kwakiutl ritual to the suits in Hollywood under the sensationalistic title In the Land of the Head-Hunters, Edward Curtis toiled on his monumental Native American project tirelessly.
He added: ``A huckster will get so far before they are seen for what they are.
When I finished, a prominent medical officer said, for all to hear, "I feel as if I have been listening to a huckster.
Carnival huckster James Franco (below) is whisked from to the magical land of Oz.