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I wanted to find someone who would generate sympathy so there wouldn't be any confusion, that he was some huckster." I soon realized this irony-free rap would be as rewarding to engage as a dial tone.
Hugh, a farmer's son from the Shropshire Marches, is the fast-talking huckster who draws a crowd as the starting time draws near.
An illegal filling station or "huckster" site operating on waste ground in West Belfast was also dismantled.
Two quickies, a talking head appreciation for salesmen nationwide and a strange documentary from unknown archivist Tony Buba about a used furniture huckster, are simply meaningless.
And then he was introduced to the huckster whose eyes had grown greedy and cynical watching the whirl of gambling wheels.
Part carnival huckster, part freedom fighter, part impish rascal, he stood alone for many years when it was decidedly unfashionable to do so.
Certainly, this caricature of the producer as part huckster, part thug, contains a grain of truth.
A MAN has been arrested after the discovery of a fuel laundering plant and illegal huckster site.
In Terry Gilliam's 1981 film Time Bandits, the evil overlord of the child protagonist's ever-shifting fantasy world is a slick huckster who, among other things, is hawking a high-tech home of the future.
Officers from HM Revenue & Customs supported by the PSNI searched business premises in West Belfast where they dismantled a huckster site selling smuggled green diesel for 85p a litre.
Fusing country with rhythm and blues to form a rockabilly hybrid, he signed a deal, against his mother's wishes, with carnival huckster Tom Parker, and two days after his 21st birthday recorded his first RCA release, Heartbreak Hotel.
But he should not behave like a shameless Millbank huckster, demanding money with honeyed menace.