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Upset by his mentor's hypocritical, hot-air brand of religious hucksterism, he decides it's time for a religious revolution.
Their obsequious orchestrations and emphasis on the importance of creating a better race of humans was, of course, nonsense, eugenical hucksterism.
Jordan followed his debut on a cereal box with a far-flung canon of hucksterism that has helped brands including McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Gatorade.
DeGroot appears to find Kennedy's opportunism and duplicity as shameful as von Braun's self-serving hucksterism.
As president of the Sarasota Plastic Surgery Education Foundation, Strausser is passionate about stopping the hucksterism he sees in the field, the kind that panders to a public that's increasingly desperate to look younger, and more quickly.
But I've also come to the conclusion that in a world of hot air, hucksterism, hype and hypocrisy, reality TV provides just about the only public platform for old-fashioned moral values.
For example, this week's North American cover story is "The New Hucksterism.
In reality, Meyssan represents only a small fringe on the far left of French politics, and his 9/11 materials have been denounced as disinformation and hucksterism by political and media representatives spanning the spectrum of French political thought, including many of those who strongly oppose U.
American medicine risks returning, ironically, to the era of "patent medicine," when hucksterism and medical practice were synonymous.
Woody Allen remains the rare figure in today's cinema who eschews commercialism and hucksterism out of a desire to produce art.
Much of what he did was pure hucksterism, such as his public offer to reveal the secret of making buildings fireproof--to anyone who would pay him $1000.