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Robert Cook and Jennifer Weber have already pointed to the ugly underside of the centennial that we missed: the hucksterism, the infighting, the political posturing, and the blatant racism that nearly wrecked the entire affair.
But Flags of Our Fathers is a really radical assault on the received patriotic mythography of the Good War and the Greatest Generation, relentlessly documenting the layers of erroneous perceptions, outright lies, and crass hucksterism lying behind the photograph of the raising of the Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima.
Still there are those who mistake dark clouds for raffish hucksterism.
Advertising is here to stay, and no lipstick on it will make it anything but what it is, old-fashioned American hucksterism.
Such a summary may sound like hype--especially in a field riddled with hucksterism.
Jim Forsythe, those in attendance were treated to a rather interesting blend of paranoia and hucksterism on, of all things, paper currency.
Notwithstanding the blatant hucksterism of televangelists from one end of North America to the other, the question is where one can reasonably look for moral leadership in today's world.
Although one would think the reek of hucksterism would deter most job seekers, a startling array of ads announce these "job opportunities" with capital letters, exclamation points, dollar signs, and even, to convey the life of leisure you're supposed to live once you give them some money, images of palm trees.
BUY ONE TONIGHT, READ IT FOREVER; THE BEST IN WORDS AND PICTURES; YOU ARE THE STORY: With that earnest air of hucksterism indigenous to an earlier time in American history, Allen Ruppersberg spins new narratives from old ones in his bright, sizable 1985 collage Cover Art (Wonder Series)--a pristine composite of pasted-up texts like the above (whether in adlike tag lines rendered with vintage label-maker tape or via disconnected words and numbers torn from paper) and mostly midcentury print images (including a depiction of the pope, one of a monkey wearing a lab coat, and several nature scenes).
This sloppy conclusion has allowed a form of green hucksterism to detract from the real hucksters.
They were especially intent on keeping Lindbergh's image free of the taint of hucksterism in order to safeguard the aviation industry's "financial stability.