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It has redefined her: She is many hued, her body full and womanly, athletic, tall, short, chunky, tattooed, and pierced.
a sinuous armchair inspired by the insect world, and Tomoko Mizu's collection of delicately hued geometric vases (503) explored the properties of Plexiglass, exploiting the effects of light.
The GARDENTEc[TM] special white tea buds are beautifully formed and hued with a purple tint in its natural form, turning to silver when sun dried.
The delicately hued type of natural quartz known as amethyst, for example, owes its distinctive purple color to traces of iron compounds that are locked into its crystal lattice as it grows.
Beneath sits a single, floor-bound glob, like a scrubbed potato, or, depending on Josh Johnson's subtly hued lighting, a pink marshmallow.
Long after Impressionism itself had ceased to have avant-garde cachet, he capitalized on what by then had become a safe, even venerable, stylistic choice in order to celebrate both America's military involvement in World War I (Fifth Avenue grandly ornamented with waving American and Allied flags) and its WASP heritage (white, steeple-topped New England churches radiating classical order and harmony in a natural paradise of vividly hued splendor).