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And it might have been four with 18 minutes to go had Huffer not tipped over Steve Seddon's back post header.
Huffer only completed a four-year BHA ban in January for his part in the Sabre Light affair at Lingfield in 2008 for which then trainer Jeff Pearce also received a three-year ban.
Huffer was a former drummer with 1970s band Mungo Jerry before taking up training between 1978 and 1991.
Huffer was the drummer with 1970s band Mungo Jerry before taking up training between 1978 and 1991.
And Huffer, who won today's Royal Ascot contest with Persian Heights in 1988, thinks he is better than his last winner and deserves to take his place alongside the great milers of the past.
This is the best horse I've had anything to do with and I was really confident that he'd win again," said Huffer.
Physicians need to keep methanol inhalation poisoning in mind when there is suspicion that a huffer has come into the emergency department, "because methanol is one of those toxicants that we have a treatment regimen for," she said.
A federal court jury found that Huffer sexually harassed Holly Sells, who was fired when she complained to Porter, according to court documents filed in the case.
Nestle Rowntree has appointed Matthew Huffer as head of its convenience channel.
Estrus has been putting out the fine dope for years, and continues with this one, featuring tracks from the likes of DMBQ, the Fallouts, the Knockout Pills, Gas Huffer, the Mummies and plenty of others.
That's what they're arguing about - people aren't dying soon enough,'' said the TCU's Raymond Huffer, whose workers don't have the kind of retiree coverage ATU gets.
The kids dubbed him Huffer, because the monsters were hallucinations brought on by "huffing"--or inhaling--gasoline.