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Huffy has distilled that promise in a single word: hooky, a term that doesn't mean skipping school as much as it means the chance to ditch your responsibilities, go for a ride and be cool.
Action Bikes will be marketing and selling Huffy Bicycles pan India by focusing on product innovations, in-depth partnership with dealers and mass market retailers and targeted strategies.
Team: Martin, Di Napoli, Dobson, Dunne, Wells, Dunne (jnr), Stacey, Fielding, Brown, Huffy, Green, Lawton.
Give me something that I can sell, if you need money." We were like, "Oh, how dare you." We got all huffy and puffy.
Much of the comedy worked: Tiny Igor Slowpokin (Manolo Molina), as Siegfried's confidante Benno, made a huffy exit, tripping ignominiously over a kneeling swan and in chagrin, gave her a kick.
It custom molds parts like backboards for basketball hoops for Huffy Sports and carrier shelves.
In Huffy Corp.,(40) the California State Board of Equalization (SBE) re-adopted the Joyce(41) rule (and overruled Finnigan(42)) to promote uniformity of the Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act and to more fairly reflect the fundamental principles of combined reporting.
The debate over electron transfer, at times, has gotten quite huffy. Is the latest evidence of a hybrid mechanism in DNA strong enough to settle the issue?
Isn't it sad to think that a younger woman, so much more likely to receive such a compliment, would have come over all huffy, muttering harassment under her breath and that it's only when we're older, and compliments that much rarer, that we are finally able to enjoy them as the genuine little fillip they can surely be?
He cites, for example, the 1998 Ohio State University public forum, staged at a time when the Clinton Administration was preparing voter opinion for what it thought would be a new round of attacks on Iraq, at which Secretary of State Madeleine Albright acted huffy and disdainful of the public when audience members barraged her with the sort of antagonistic questions from which she is normally screened.
The House was not in session at the time but Speaker John Bercow still got all huffy and whipped out the Parliamentary equivalent of a yellow card.