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Action Bikes will be marketing and selling Huffy Bicycles pan India by focusing on product innovations, in-depth partnership with dealers and mass market retailers and targeted strategies.
Elsewhere, Sally gets all huffy and is overcome by jealousy when Carla's impressed with Alya's new designs.
So we're used to being patronized by the Bostonians and have even developed a Rapid Response Protocol, which typically consists of a high-ranking Worcesterite writing huffy letters to the offending journalist and pointing out that, yes, we may be smaller, but at least we don't spend the bulk of our days stuck in traffic, and what about Mechanics Hall and blah blah Elm Park and yadda yadda the Turtle Boy?
And when Mexico refused to change their plans the huffy Portuguese told them to find someone else to play.
Never shy at the buffet table, Toney's face was puffy, his demeanor huffy.
They're unlikely to bite off your head and get huffy.
But then Steph yesterday admitted to loving Jason Donovan, Cameron's been getting all huffy at the mere suggestion that he's been perving at the girls, and Jon, well he just gets more entertaining in his pomposity everyday.
Composite Technologies uses the special formulation, dubbed Polymer Fiber Matrix, to make approximately 95% of Huffy Sports' product line of home backboard systems.
Richard Molina, chairman and chief executive of Huffy Corp.
Those who come off worst, apart from the president himself, are Samuel Skinner (for incompetence), John Sununu (for overall unpleasantness), Boskin (for huffy self-importance), and above all the inimitable Dick Darman.
The New York Times, for example, has been quite huffy.