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The Christian Citizen argued that the idea of social sin absolves individuals from blame for "incorporated or organized sins," even though these individuals may be "stockholders and directors in the hugest systems of iniquity that was ever organized and sanctified by two centuries of legislation.
His death is the hugest loss to anyone who knew him and for very many who didn't.
5 per cent last year, and exports from China to the Gulf are expected to rise next year with China consolidating its position as the hugest exporter to the region.
The hugest gap among all detailed research items is found in the item "there is a formal process for setting service quality goals for employees and their achievement measurement system"--gap 2.
The shops I remember had their hugest anti-social issues immediately after something that wasn't the favourite reached the winning post first.
Ever since I was growing up watching the Seattle SuperSonics I've been the hugest NBA fan.
Thus we see how that the spine of even the hugest of living things tapers off at last into simple child's play.
The teacher who had the hugest impact on me was my English teacher in my senior year of high school, but his teaching of English was only marginally relevant.
There lay a vast territory, and in that territory were the hugest deposits in the world of iron and coal--the backbone of industrial civilization.
And then there's climate change, the hugest challenge of all, directly triggered by the burning of fossil fuels.
Given the current state of the financial markets, even the hugest endowments could find themselves constrained by poor returns, Griswold explains.
free to be whatever he wants, free to pursue the hugest aim, the confidence right in his bones to be the particular I.