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Moord where the Land divides, The British Red-Cross waving in the Gale, Hulky and black, a gallant Warre Ship rides, And over the greene Wave with lordlie Port presides.
As the mother of two boys, including a teenager, I dwell in the midst of boxer shorts and hulky sneakers.
Moving furniture from A to B was a bit demeaning for this hulky, bulky aristocrat.
In complete darkness, the aerial gunner, the onboard lifeguard for this mission, watches for rising swells that might slap and swallow the hulky chopper.
For example, we can situate the masculinist iconography of a lot of proletarian art and literature within this framework: Those images of hulky white workers underscore how powerless they feel.
The Iron Horse began to rust as the nation's output of hulky and heavy commodities--the types of goods best moved by rail--began to fall.
Eating up too much floor space, the hulky old vanity was replaced with a graceful pedestal sink.