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Misran, "Effects of electromagnetic absorption towards human head due to variation of its dielectric properties at 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz with different antenna substrates," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
A severed human head has been found in a Regent's Canal in East London.
Anthropologists, archaeologists, and palaeontologists compare such practices as decapitation, the decoration of skulls, and deformation of the human head among various groups in Oceania, Europe, Eurasia, and the New World.
But the ornithologist, more magically, thought those strange stumps were wings and that von Konigswald had found evidence supporting the existence of a mythological creature akin to Pegasus, from Greek mythology, or Al-Buraq, the winged horse with a human head who, according to Islamic tradition, had spirited the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back again over the course of a single night in the seventh century.
PHILADELPHIA: A flattened human head draped with gold and lapis lazuli jewelry lies in a glass case at the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, its teeth the only recognizable feature.AaIt's all that remains of a female courtier to a Mesopotamian monarch who was buried around 4,500 years ago with all of his or her wealth, including the humans who attended the royal court.
STRIKING The wooden artwork in the shape of a human head is one of several pieces planned for Kielder Water.; DIVISIVE The 16ft-high wooden head which planners are recommending is placed within Kielder Forest.
The human head contains 22 bones, consisting of the cranium and the facial bones.
The woman and her friend, on their way to Italy from Brazil, were hauled in by airport police after a scan of the bag showed a human head and other bones.
"Another of my exhibits looks at the very current topic of identity fraud and stolen identities and it features a human head created from shredded bank statements and utility bills."
Yet, sex apart, it descends into a simple gore-fest with a man's privates cut off and thrown to dogs and kids playing football with a human head. Horrid, but familiar stuff to horror fans.
Organized by body region, the ten chapters identify the bones, muscles, veins, nerves and organs of the human head, neck, back, thorax, abdomen, and extremities.
For example, head lice live only in the hairs of the human head; body lice have adapted to live in clothing.

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