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And in all those cases, no one I know of reported the animal cruelty," says Roberts, the manager of the Humane Society's First Strike Campaign.
How can a bridge be built between democratic principles and humane principles?
In the novel's final scenes, Johnny's humane self is vividly dramatized by his desire for female presence and influence.
will have to pay $316,802 within five years and will work with the Humane Society and the United States Department of Justice as they prosecute the seven other defendants.
The beginning here means that the RFP, or request for proposals - the document that defines the animal services to be bid upon - must be written by a team composed of both government and a few individuals selected by the humane community.
Heinen's held a media event in its Brecksville, Ohio store in late November to launch its affiliation with the "Certified Humane Raised & Handled" program administered by Herndon, Va.
In observance of American Abolition Day, the Humane Party also today published the final text of the American Primate Emancipation ("APE") Amendment.
She's the 71-year-old founder of the nation's oldest horse rescue group, the Illinois-based Hooved Animal Humane Society.

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