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As part of this discussion, BLM should inform Congress of its concerns with (1) the act's requirement for the humane destruction of excess animals and (2) the possible slaughter of healthy horses if excess animals are sold without limitation, under certain circumstances, as the act requires.
The Hague Convention outlaws the use of these "dum-dum" bullets and the Firearms Act 1968 (which exempts police) prohibits their use other than for the humane destruction of animals.
He said: "We had to consider the safety of the public and as a consequence, the humane destruction of the animal was a decision I took.
Under the terms of the week-long hand-in, anyone who allows their dangerous dog to be taken away for humane destruction will not be prosecuted.
RSPCA International wants to ease the problem of the strays by introducing a programme of neutering, shelters, humane destruction and adoption - and charity leaders have already contacted the Greek government.
The death of so many animals must bother real animal lovers and I do hope that all the respective agencies will assist in the humane destruction of these animals as they are, of course, quite unsuited in many cases to be household pets.

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