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It stated: "On Tuesday 5th July 2016 the Defence Forces carried out the humane destruction of five animals on a farm in Co Monaghan due to a significant concern for public safety.
These birds are an unprotected species under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, which means that under the right conditions, private landholders can shoot them without a permit as long as they abide by the code of practice for the humane destruction of birds, he said.
It was seized by police and steps are being taken to obtain an order for its humane destruction.
They have already collected almost pounds 300 towards a target of pounds 1,000 needed for vet fees run up to pay for the dogs' humane destruction, and to help with the possible rebuilding of shelters on the smallholding, which still has horse stables.
The authority considers that, as horses with the disease are persistently infected, humane destruction of the horses that have been affected is necessary.
The nation calls for humane destruction of the beast but Burrell flees the country in time.
Simon Hart,Director of the CA's Campaign for Hunting, said: ``Ministers have consistently turned a blind eye to the contribution that hunts make by way of skilled humane destruction of animals.

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