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She had been shot with a humane killer used to destroy animals in slaughterhouses.
"Instead of discovering a champion horse kidnapped by the IRA, we've got a bullock or a cow which was more than likely destroyed in a slaughter house using a humane killer.
There were also 805 handguns, including singleshot humane killers used in animal slaughter, shot pistols and trophies of war.
Steven Broomfield, hospital manager at the Blue Cross HQ in London, explains: "By the end of 1914 the Blue Cross had established four main depots on the Western Front supplying bandages, antiseptic tablets, fly shields for their eyes and humane killers if they couldn't be saved."
He said thousands of sheep had been killed at the Mass Slaughterhouse with the captive bolt guns, which are also known as humane killers.
There were also 536 legal handguns, such as humane killers, antiques, 'trophies of war' and starter pistols.
FUNERAL PYRE: A bonfire takes shape as Ministry officials with humane killers begin the culling of livestock at Burnside Farm in Northumberland where the outbreak is believed to have started
The Justice Department said the only people allowed to own handguns are gardai on duty, members of the defence forces, veterinary surgeons and humane killers. Aer Rianta, which employs the airport police, refused to comment on the August 1 discovery.

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