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The US does remain committed to the global moratorium on commercial whaling, and we are concerned with both the sustainability and the humaneness of the Japanese dolphin hunts," said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.
A clinical method of harvesting that conforms to guidelines of humaneness when putting animals to death, will go a long way to improve the public perception of Namibian seal culling.
The main objective of ethics is to have the highest pluralistic valuable social behavior to promote an ultimate degree of humaneness by a group of people in their earthly lives.
According to Mencius, most humans have forgotten how to achieve ren, the key concept in the Confucian tradition which signifies humanity, human-heartedness, humaneness, or benevolence--in other words, our true human nature.
Following the end of the pilot culls an independent panel is now assessing the effectiveness, humaneness and safety of controlled shooting before making a recommendation on whether or not the culls should be rolled out more widely.
In his address, Plevneliev sent a message calling for hope and humaneness even in times of darkness and trouble.
The purpose is to test the effectiveness, safety and humaneness of this way of reducing badger populations, not to test the effects of this on the incidence of the disease.
Obama has the image of an academic who adorns his discourse with talk of humaneness and major principles.
Penny Hawkins, deputy head of the research animals department at the RSPCA, said: "There are lots of assumptions made about the humaneness of various techniques for euthanizing animals.
He urged anyone with any humaneness to see the way the cows were being slaughtered.
Whether it was a button that needed last-minute sewing, flowers that needed to be delivered to a loved one while the band was out of town or just some sound life advice that needed to be given, she handled the task with tact, humaneness and little fanfare.
Since he is so highly qualified, he should know better than to make such presumptuous and insulting claims regarding my eyesight, my knowledge, my humaneness, and my mental state.