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Under the previous antibody humanisation agreement with UCL, a milestone payment will become due to Abzena during clinical development of Magacizumab.
Overall higher disposable incomes, rapidly-growing one and two person households in apartment buildings, and busier lifestyles, all underpinned by a continuing pet humanisation trend, will encourage consumers to trade up to higher quality and more expensive products, especially healthier breed and age-specific products as well as gourmet-style flavour variants.
As childbirth is the beginning of life and affects the rest of life, and because the humanisation of childbirth is such a clear need, the application of this particular aspect of care is an important start.
Humanisation Trend Fuels Growth Despite Decreasing Pet Population
The humanisation trend affecting cat food in Norway is likely to result in more products centred around the health and wellness of cats over the forecast period, in a similar way to the effect it has had on dog food.
Based on provisional 2011 estimates, humanisation will continue to drive sales of pet products in 2011, as Chinese pet owners are likely to continue to look for ways to better take care of their pets, not only feeding them with daily necessities like dog and cat foods, but also treating them with pet dietary supplements to maintain balanced nutrition.
USPRwire, Mon Aug 24 2015] The ongoing humanisation trend will continue to influence 2015 sales development as owners are willing to spend increasing sums on pet products in Sweden.
The good news for dog food manufacturers is that thanks to the pet humanisation trend, Canadians are increasingly willing to trade up to higher quality dog food products, particularly healthier variants that offer advanced nutritional benefits for specific breeds or animals at different life stages.
Old people s home in Ro nov pod Radho tem Humanisation of residence services: construction works and interior equipment supply
Under the antibody engineering and humanisation agreement, Fusion Antibodies will contribute its CDRx humanisation platform that generates high quality humanised antibodies.
The board of directors of PDL BioPharma Inc (NasdaqGS:PDLI), which has pioneered the humanisation of monoclonal antibodies, declared on Wednesday its regular, quarterly dividend of USD0.