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The partnership, which will initially focus on developing a humanised mouse model for graft-versus-host disease, leverages Vium's discovery services and Digital Vivarium technology platform as well as CIEA's leadership in humanized mice, using the Institute's patented NOG mice.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, a research-based global pharmaceutical company, has submitted a marketing authorisation application requiring approval from the European Medicines Agency for its investigational, gut-selective humanised monoclonal antibody.
M2 PHARMA-October 13, 2014-Fusion Antibodies, Isca develop stable cell line expressing humanised Aspergillus-specific monoclonal antibody
According to Apexigen, APX003 is a humanised monoclonal antibody directed against VEGF and is intended for the treatment of multiple malignancies.
Under the cooperation, Antitope will generate a range of fully humanised antibodies intended to bind to and inhibit the function of LRG1, leveraging its Composite Human Antibody platform.
The company said that epratuzumab, its humanised anti-CD22 antibody, conjugated with SN-38, the active component of irinotecan, produced significant anti-tumour responses in a mouse model of human lymphoma.