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It may well be that a philosophical exploration of humanism, focusing on the relation to truth and time, may steer us past the empty heaven and empty earth that so characterize the political ranting we hear about humanism today.
The Gold Humanism Educational Summit hosted a range of engaging speakers and panels; each session focused on educating participants on changing the culture of medicine and bringing care back to health care.
When healthcare delivery is at its best, the gold threads of humanism and biological science are inextricably woven into the fabric of medical practice.
Five years later Murry wrote yet another timely--even prescient--volume, setting forth in greater detail what he means by "becoming more fully human" and so delineating what might well become the dominant future style of American humanism.
As Zimmerman's narrative well demonstrates, the new aim of theosis (achieving godlikeness in Christ) animates, like the current through a running stream, the progress of the West's cultural advance: "The theological origins of humanism planted in Western consciousness a profound sense of human dignity, solidarity, freedom, and social responsibility" (113).
sets out to disprove, but in the service of a much more constructive undertaking: to demonstrate that precisely in the Thomistic understanding of grace and hope we find the theological warrant we need for a renewed Christian humanism.
The bundle of ideas and social practices that descends from the civic humanism of the Italian city states in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries to Christian Humanists like Erasmus and Tomas More in the sixteenth, to the humanism of the Enlightenment and to its many nineteenth- and twentieth-century variants (46) is not, in truth, fundamentally "metahistorical" as these ideas and practices were very much the stuff of actual social, political, and cultural debate for centuries.
Apparently, Almasi follows coeditor Mike Pincombe in seeing a shift in the late Tudor perspective towards questions of humanism, as humanism came to be regarded not only as a highminded philosophical endeavor, but also as a practical one--sometimes even with skepticism and an emphasis on its mere "technical expertise and stylistic flair.
The first part of the book consists of a series of essays on European and Iberian humanism.
They propose to do this through the model of "Incarnational Humanism.
The Gold Foundation has created humanism societies in medical schools, and they sponsor award ceremonies each year in which a group of graduating medical students are recognized and commended for their humanism.
The above named objectives in humanism indicate that education should reflect all of life's relevant endeavors.