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In another set of chapters, Stieglecker associates Brant's interest in Onuphrius with the Carthusians in Basel and with a general interest among German humanists in the vita solitaria.
The earliest modern excavations of antiquities were often a German endeavor, and the same holds true of art-historical approaches to humanist architecture.
Melanchthon managed to stand with humanists and with Luther because the two are not mutually exclusive.
All of these themes, of course, would typically be of interest to humanists.
The Humanist Interview returns in this issue with renowned linguist, skeptic, and social critic Noam Chomsky, who remains consistently (although never foolishly) opinionated on matters of U.
Guidi is far too knowledgeable and sophisticated to paint a black and white picture of the tensions between lay humanists and traditional spiritual leaders.
THIS PAST FALL it seemed not a day went by when freethinkers, atheists, secular humanists, and the like weren't mentioned in the mainstream media.
Levi's treatment of humanists is almost as problematic as his handling of scholasticism.
Karen Ann Gajewski is a freelance editor and an editorial consultant to the Humanist.
Julia Sweeney, upon accepting the Humanist Pioneer Award from the American Humanist Association.
Humanist editions of important classical texts were acquired for his nephew's formal education; his commission of Tito-Livio Frulovisi's Vita Henrici Quinti and Humfoidos fulfilled similar goals and established his reputation as the keeper of his brother's legacy.
Quoting him extensively, Lavanam (who some readers might remember from his July/August 1988 Humanist article, "The Atheist Center: Humanism in Practice") and Lindley describe Gandhi's gradual, albeit incomplete, movement toward a secular, progressive Humanism.