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PhD, Department of Care Ethics, University of Humanistic Studies and
The approach of Carl Rogers emphasizes the humanistic explorations of feelings as the primary therapeutic focus, and cognitive-behavioral treatment focuses on errors of thinking as the primary therapeutic focus.
To accomplish this mission, the vision of the Association for Humanistic Counseling is to
Trilling's humanistic reading honors the work of literature by exploring nuances, approving subtleties of expression, and allowing all manner of difference.
We desperately need scholars, politicians, scientists, teachers and preachers who can impart this humanistic vision that transcends all man-made boundaries.
The parallel sessions examined the broad theme of humanistic foreign language teaching and learning, spanning over a wide range of topics, including the development of learners' autonomy, motivation, learning styles, the role of emotions, CLIL, communicative activities, collaborative approaches, cultural studies and translation studies within language teaching, teaching through drama, plurilingualism, the teaching of English for special purposes (especially law and economics), the teaching of English through literature, teaching learners with special needs, ICT and e-learning, teacher training.
A humanistic approach to leadership in organizations has been proposed by many and for a long time.
We Secular Humanistic Jews do not struggle to reconcile our worldviews with traditional Jewish theistic beliefs or to discover non-theistic beliefs in the worlds of theistic sages.
As recent exchanges between Eastern and Western spiritual paradigms in existential psychology have already shown (see the special section of the Humanistic Psychologist, 39(3), 201,1 as well as papers by Bradford, 2007; Schneider, 2011; and Wang, 2011), the effort to combine resources in our field can be most rewarding.
Denning's approach to management and reflected on if it was really so radical or if this principals are more humanistic.
It is a text for graduate students of criminal justice, psychologists, psychiatrists and master's level clinicians seeking information about, and validation for, more humanistic approaches to offender treatment.
An introduction offers an overview of the humanistic study of aging while individual papers explore such topics as the history of aging in Western culture, creativity, age as represented in film and literature, ethics, discrimination, and aging in world religions.

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