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Back Pack's leaders had led claims to the elusive substance of humanitarianism, and in so doing had defined and justified their actions.
Jennifer Johnson's The Battle for Algeria provides a painstakingly researched and richly descriptive analysis of the strategic importance of medicine, human rights, and humanitarianism for Algerian nationalists' evolving and expanding political agencies, and the internationalization of their struggle during the war for independence.
Kolnai insists that humanitarianism takes its bearings from an "immanent," and remarkably truncated, view of human beings--it does not acknowledge the hierarchy of goods and values that characterize the moral order and the life of the soul.
The project analyses the global emergence of humanitarian migration governance by examining the impact of sexual humanitarianism across six strategic urban settings in Europe (France Marseille and Paris), the US (New York and Los Angeles), Australia (Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland) that are characterized by different policies on migration, sex work (criminalisation, regulation, de-criminalisation) and trafficking.
Their criminal obsession has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarianism and everything to do with power play and keeping a military footprint in Syria.
Such public measures by North Korea oppose not only international practice, but also the universal values of human rights and humanitarianism.
Once again, the UAE proves how it uses its heart to abide by its principles of humanitarianism.
It is all too easy to offer a whiggish history of humanitarianism and human rights, painting their spread as uncomplicated, unidirectional, and even inevitable, and celebrating this set of ideas as a marker of moral progress.
The competition is cutthroat and the sharks can be brutal, but their wisdom is undeniably beneficial, a "teach a man to fish" humanitarianism.
He also referred to deceased communist leader's contribution to the Sindhi literature that was reflective of his personal traits and beliefs based on humanitarianism, simplicity and equality.
Ban Ki-moon represents the kind of role model that the Harvard Foundation wishes to present to Harvard students as a symbol of humanitarianism.
In short, the humanitarianism in which we now engage is one that is infused with therapeutic reflexivity, narcissistic consumption and lifestyle politics.

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