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Sapte conferinte despre situatia de fapt, Bucurefti: Humanitas, 2004, pp.
Bossi, 62, who struggled with lung cancer for a year, died in the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano sul Naviglio in Milan.
Raeder is an associate editor of the Humanitas journal of the National Humanities Institute.
Because they don't really know how to be Christian, they avoid it," says Frank Desiderio, a former chairman of the Humanitas Prize now working as a pastor in Boston.
Marta Scorsetti, head of radiation oncology at the Humanitas Clinic in Milan, Italy, described an ongoing study involving 43 patients that is aimed at assessing the safety and feasibility of using RapidArc to deliver stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) in the treatment of liver metastases.
Criticism and Practice of Philosophy in Ludwig Wittgenstein's Works, (Bucharest: Humanitas, 2008).
La humanitas es pensada por vez primera bajo este nombre y se convierte en una aspiracion en la epoca de la Republica romana, cuando el homo humanus es opuesto al homo barbarus.
Devenirea intru finta was published in 1981 by Editura Stiintifica si Enciclopedica, and in 1998 by Humanitas, Bucharest.
Larry Gelbart, the writer-producer of the 1970s TV show "MASH," was given the 2007 Humanitas award for lifetime achievement.
A new hands-on approach to how African diasporan groups can concretely help the mother continent is being tried by Humanitas Afrika, founded in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2000.
Peter Viereck was a member of the Editorial Board of Humanitas and published both prose and poetry in its pages.
Humanitas Winery, Napa Valley, released 84 cases of its Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon blend, L'Huile du Garagiste (Oil of the Garage Wine Maker), with the Zork closure.

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