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11,12) Hence, the theoretical-methodological choice in this study culminates in Freire's proposal, in the thematic association among Education for Health, humanization and spirituality.
12) Considering this, this research's objective was to investigate the teaching of humanization in the disciplines which make up the nursing curriculums in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Protein Design's total revenues are now anticipated to be 4-5% higher in 2002 compared with 2001, with higher royalty revenues partially offset by lower revenues from patent license and humanization agreements.
Protein Design has granted licenses and other rights under its antibody humanization patents to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide covering more than 50 humanized antibodies, more than half of which are currently in clinical development.
Humanization is one of the areas we identified as key to our near- and long-term success, said Tom DOrazio, CEO of ImmunoPrecise.
Protein Design recognizes upfront fees from humanization contracts over the period in which the work is conducted.
Contract notice: Humanization of the obstetrics service on the 1st floor of the maternity ward and creation of a second cesarean room at the PMT of the Antoine Bclre hospital.
The reform will be aimed at the humanization of criminal legislation and the regulation of conflicts that do not allow the representatives of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system violate the rights of citizens, said Alymbekov.
Fremont, CA; 510-574-1419) announced that American Home Products Corporation (Madison, NJ; 201-660-5000) has exercised its option to obtain a non-exclusive license under Protein Design's antibody humanization patents to market) in Japan and other Asian countries.

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