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If the SFA had conversations about trying to humanize the man who will be the face of our game to bodies like FIFA and UEFA, maybe another candidate should have got the job.
Our culture does not humanize the police officer until after he or she has been killed in the line of duty.
One way to soften these prejudices and, at the same time, to help to differentiate your bank, is to "humanize" your brand and your brand advertising.
What does it mean to humanize? The definition of 'humanize'--to portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes/to imbue with humaneness or human kindness sheds some light on what it is about and why it can be valuable to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
HUMANIZE: HOW PEOPLE-CENTRIC ORGANIZATIONS SUCCEED IN A SOCIAL WORLD goes beyond most books covering social media marketing approaches to consider how social media can affect the structure, management and approaches of organizations and societies.
Epstein & Sons International, their goal was to "humanize" the facility while almost doubling the Center's available convention space.
I believe that it's up to people like me to take the African American experience and humanize it.
I have been a reader for more than 50 years and wondered when somebody would try to humanize the publication.
This extraordinary attention to persons enabled Ted to humanize the staff relationships of the World Council of Churches; to be sensitive to the needs of outsiders in society such as aboriginal people in Canada and black South Africans and to refuse to label or demonize people who may have become polarized in a debate.
I assert that Socialist education and agitation succeeded in bringing these ideas and programs into the mainstream of American life during the Progressive Era, and thereby helped to humanize a brutally corrupt American capitalism as it emerged into the era of giant corporations that we know today.
It's a pity the two sides had to turn to acrylic to humanize their view of each other.