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Humanized Branding: Bank of America's 'Life's Better When We're Connected' Campaign
Humanized BLT mice have a fully functioning human immune system and can be infected with HIV in the same manner as humans.
Lilly currently holds a license to the Queen et al patents with respect to solanezumab, its humanized antibody to beta amyloid which is currently being studied to delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
ASONEP(TM) (the systemic formulation of humanized form of Sphingomab(TM)) is an antibody against S1P that holds promise for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.
The witty takes on hard-to-deal-with personality traits, humanized through alliterative names such as Gertrude Grudge, Bob Bossy, and Larry Lazy.
One promising new therapy for type 1 diabetes involves treating newly diagnosed patients with humanized anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies.
Unflinchingly brutal in its portrayal of violence, sexual abuse, and murder within the prison setting, Blood of the Lamb comes alive with chilling reality and fully humanized, believeable character portraits all the way up to the end.
Sunnyvale, CA, have entered into a multiproduct collaboration to commercialize the world's first humanized polyclonal antibodies for human diseases.
LG Chemical Limited (Seoul, Korea) has patented humanized antibodies that specifically bind the protein 4-1BB.
In light of the notion of "fairness," Massaro offers five "middle axioms" as the substructure for building a consensus on welfare reform and a humanized economy: recognizing human dependency; fulfilling social obligations; extending the proactive of decommodification (insuring basic needs, e.
It humanized them, and in humanizing them demonstrated that they were no better than we and in many cases worse.