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Schlink's continued argument about the humanness of Hanna Schmitz seeks reconciliation: in the novel between Berg and Hanna, and in its extension between the second and the first generation of Germans who need to come to terms with one another.
Nothing invented on the surface of the earth will ever replace our humanness or human touch.
Once they are gone, we somehow find it easier to accept their humanness, their imperfections and their proneness to error.
It is the very core of our humanness, which compels us to help with so many needs: FOOD for Lane County, Eugene Mission, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, etc.
Passion and humanness are reasonable defenses in some cases.
As in Orwell's novel, the animals represent people, so the actors retain their humanness with costumes that only hint at their alter egos--a sliver of meat to denote a pig, hoof gloves to denote a horse.
The book will hold special appeal for Jewish and Christian readers or those who want an understandable view of the ordinary humanness and extraordinary Godliness of the birth of Jesus.
Keeping God at the center of our marital union ensures a happy marriage in times when our humanness gets in the way of our loving nature.
A Michigan nephrology consultant with clinical, teaching, and research backgrounds, Fisher has decided to speak out against how the medical professional gone astray, most tragically, he says, by keeping people's cardiovascular-respiratory system functioning with machines and drugs while they develop massive skin ulcers, decaying digits, and irretrievable loss of the cerebral cortex--where he locates humanness. Not only the patients and families, he says, not only the profession, but also society as a whole is degraded when dignity is denied to its most deserving yet most vulnerable members.
By ignoring the media, political propaganda, capitalism, and other such notions of progress, Cuevas silences the noise and addresses each one of us directly, appealing to our intelligence and to what also constitutes our humanness: our ability and desire for invention and change.
devotion at the source of all our humanness; best when, instead of
Her voice, rife with the deepest hurt and anger yet full of compassion and a sense of humor, somehow reveals the similar humanness in a Saudi terrorist and a working-class mother from London's East End.