humanum genus

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Quis ille primus cujus ex imagine Natura solers finxit humanum genus ?
In subsequent chapters, Young argues several related points, including the possibility that audience members who have been encouraged to identify with Humanum Genus participate imaginatively in his confession, which turns it into "a simultaneous individual and group confession" (77).
Pope Leo XIII proclaimed in Humanum genus, "Tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and let it be seen as it really is:' Masonic international socialism is destroying the final moral fibres of western civilization.
In the opening of The Castle of Perseverance, for instance, Humanum Genus sides with his Bad Angel, choosing to go into service for the World and ignore his Good Angel.
Humanum Genus comes down from Covetousness's scaffold, introduces himself to Confession, and is taken to the Castle of Perseverance in the center of the playing space.
In the play, Humanum Genus moves between the central castle and the scaffolds indicated on the outer ring on the plan, signaling changes in his moral alignment during the course of the play.
The siege is not successful in destroying the castle, since the devil could not destroy salvation itself, but Humanum Genus abandons his own cause by leaving the castle in response to demonic blandishments.
Humanum Genus says almost the same thing as he surrenders to Mundus in The Castle ofPerseverance: 'What schulde I recknen of domysday, / So that I be riche and of gret aray?
On page 7 a passage from the 1884 papal encyclical Humanum Genus, on corporative ideas of society as an organism, appears 'clearly to have influenced Hopkins' in two poems, whereas on page 19 the author, now properly cautious, stresses that 'the metaphor of the body for society is age old'.
1425), about the battle for the soul of Humanum Genus.