humble oneself

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Embracing the opportunity to humble oneself (though difficult at times) is one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn, and will continue to learn.
Fasting, in general, is meant to humble oneself and help increase one's moral discipline as well as serve as a reminder of the plight of those less fortunate.
To humble oneself physically, to lower one's face to the earth; and to do with humility, knowing that to do this itself is a mercy, a great bounty, never a point of pride.
Jehan is clearly well read, alluding frequently to authorities as well as to the Bible, but in order not to appear merely preachy, he begins by expressing his own sense of contrition and the need to humble oneself before God in gratitude for his gifts.
A beautiful compendium, compiled with respect toward all faiths and all efforts to humble oneself before the divine.
To humble oneself is an act that brings a person in touch with those elements of living that are at the mercy of the external universe.