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Modesty and humbleness will leave a far more ever lasting impact on people than trying to show off.
Caption: A young editor (left) is completely overwhelmed by the humbleness and open demeanour of Nelson Mandela on an official visit to Namibia shortly after he was released from Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.
The Group expresses its admiration for Mr Mandela's ideals of humanism and humbleness that he represents for all the citizens of the world," he said.
He said this showed "a sense of human decency, such humility and humbleness.
And then there's a sense of humbleness that comes along with the things we do'
Shaikh Hisham added that HH Shaikh Nasser is always keen to take after HM the King and implement his recommendations for the interest of the orphans and widows, highlighting that everyone lauds the humbleness and love of HH for the children, reflecting the noble human values he enjoys.
Speaking about the late president, the Dubai ruler said: "When we speak of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, we speak of distinct humanitarian leader whose humbleness, self denial and attachment to the spirit of giving sets an example for philanthropists all over the world.
In all humbleness she downplayed her contributions to good causes around the world and instead praised my voluntary work helping marginalised Canadian minorities, especially Canadian Muslims after 9/11.
But if we take a long and admiring look at the extensive, but by no means exhaustive, roll-call of attractions listed above perhaps we should forget such humbleness and all be ringing bells and bellowing like a convention of town criers about the virtues of living and working in this glorious and welcoming place.
As an actor known for the small-screen, James shifts to play the lead in Here Goes the Boom and provided a successful portrayal of a rough-edged character with a blue-collar humbleness.
I received notice of this award with amazement and feelings of gratitude and humbleness.