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But, happy Sissy's happy children loving her; all children loving her; she, grown learned in childish lore; thinking no innocent and pretty fancy ever to be despised; trying hard to know her humbler fellow-creatures, and to beautify their lives of machinery and reality with those imaginative graces and delights, without which the heart of infancy will wither up, the sturdiest physical manhood will be morally stark death, and the plainest national prosperity figures can show, will be the Writing on the Wall, - she holding this course as part of no fantastic vow, or bond, or brotherhood, or sisterhood, or pledge, or covenant, or fancy dress, or fancy fair; but simply as a duty to be done, - did Louisa see these things of herself?
His father was a prosperous scrivener, or lawyer of the humbler sort, and a Puritan, but broad-minded, and his children were brought up in the love of music, beauty, and learning.
To watch the behaviour of a fine lady to other and humbler women, is a very good sport for a philosophical frequenter of Vanity Fair.
Fairlie's grave from the humbler monuments scattered about it.
They were all well dressed, but not to my thinking above their condition; for I like to see the humbler classes of society careful of their dress and appearance, and even, if they please, decorated with such little trinkets as come within the compass of their means.
Giles's habit to admit to too great familiarity the humbler servants: towards whom it was rather his wont to deport himself with a lofty affability, which, while it gratified, could not fail to remind them of his superior position in society.
I'd venture to suggest that the more one learns, the more one realizes how little one knows, and the humbler one becomes.
Speaking at a press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said a humbler stance from the NPA could help sway President Duterte into considering a revival of the terminated peace talks.
The rushed timeline on which the government appears to be moving to ensure passage of the legislation suggests that the real goals are far humbler and aim to accommodate the needs of a few parties who want to challenge Nepra determinations or create regimes of privileged access to the scarce electricity in the system.
An outrageous woman who denies her humbler past, Petula hungers for adulation.
Not afraid to look back and joke over his interviews with ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband or Newsnight big hitter Jeremy Paxman, you quickly realise Brand is humbler than he's given credit for and perhaps just likes the idea of making a difference, despite not always knowing the best way to achieve that.
But along with the fireworks of the heavier steam engines slogging through the mountains near the Arkansas border on the Kansas City Southern or climbing Raton Pass in New Mexico on the Santa Fe, George's photographs also record humbler fare, such as the short trains of the Frisco and Katy piloted by ancient light steamers, and the final years of that state's interurban lines.