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said Alfred; "one of Tom Jefferson's pieces of French sentiment and humbug.
For my part, I think half this republican talk sheer humbug.
Really," said the Scarecrow, "you ought to be ashamed of yourself for being such a humbug.
You must keep my secret and tell no one I am a humbug.
Even Dorothy had hope that "The Great and Terrible Humbug," as she called him, would find a way to send her back to Kansas, and if he did she was willing to forgive him everything.
When the boy gets calm, he will wonder why a great magician like me should have begged a boy like him to help me get out of this place; he will put this and that together, and will see that I am a humbug.
Glinda has taught our old Wizard a good many clever things, so he is no longer a humbug.
If I don't save her from the hands of that humbug," he said, aloud, as he went to bed, "she is lost.
There's no humbug about my heart," announced the Tin Woodman, glaring indignantly at the Woggle-Bug.
We must have humbug, we all like humbug, we couldn't get on without humbug.
A little humbug, and a groove, and everything goes on admirably, if you leave it alone.
They were extremely practical, and whenever they objected to anything they called it humbug.