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It is accompanied by a cliched video in which a couple's dull dreary day-to-day life is played out from beginning to end - from a hurried breakfast to crashing out at the end of the day - and then - here's the clever bit - replayed all over again, thus portraying the general humdrumness of the minutiae of life.
But there is a humdrumness to business malpractice that simply makes it all less eye-catching than misbehavior by individuals...." He concluded: The Nation, "doggedly leftist," "wishes to hurt business," in contrast to his National Review which "wishes business to prosper." (His column ran in February 1999, shortly before the survey was completed and weeks before I'd written my report.
Controversies built outside the classroom were occasionally reflected within it; but, usually, school just went on in all its fascination, humdrumness, or misery.