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It seems that the BJP and NDA Government is hell-bent to pick up one after the other ministers and then try to humiliate Congress or bring disrepute for political gains," NCP leader Majeed Memon told ANI.
And you will not do it because that homeless person will be repulsive to you, because that homeless person will humiliate you.
The purpose of the speech is more to humiliate or wound than it is to communicate ideas or information" (p.
Iran does not seek to humiliate any people, Fadavi said, but argued that if they want to humiliate Iran, the Pasdaran would publish the footage and make them even more embarrassed and humiliated.
He added he had told them that the constitution had no provision to let any institution or any person humiliate any other institution.
Some of the attack was filmed by Liam Price, as some sort of trophy and no doubt to further humiliate the victim by showing it to others.
ISLAMABAD, June 10, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The US had asked Pakistani leadership not to humiliate Pervez Musharraf after he stepped down as the countrys President on the promise of indemnity against prosecution, according to WikiLeaks cables.
Sudanese police arrested dozens of women protesting on Tuesday against laws they say humiliate women after a video of a woman being flogged in public appeared on the Internet, Reuters reported.
The Chancellor fears voters could humiliate Blair with a backlash against Labour - even though they have a formidable 18,449 majority in the Sedgefield constituency.
With regards to her being humiliated - may I stress that no member of the Lakes Social Club committee is there to humiliate any person that appears in front of them.
Sure, workplace ribaldry or unwanted sexual advances directed at women may sometimes be motivated by a desire to put women "in their place"-to humiliate them, terrorize them, even force them to quit.