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I think the whole system is archaic and deeply humiliating for players, who are paraded like cattle for all the world to see," ESPNcricinfo quoted Heath Mills, chief executive of NZCPA as saying.
The soldiers had no idea they were humiliating the Saviour of the world (Luke 23:34; 1 Corinthians 2:8).
The post Mourinho accused Conte of humiliating United appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
It seems that Omar Abdullah has not learned any lesson despite a humiliating defeat and he is still following the same policies responsible for his party's debacle," Gilani maintained.
The Public Prosecution has ordered to release him pending further investigation after charging him with humiliating a government body.
Russia's law-enforcers will conduct proper investigation, assess these humiliating actions, punish the offenders and find out the real
Protest banners read: "Being a woman is not a means of punishing and humiliating anyone.
He said that he hopes court would provide him justice and ANF would be bought to the book for humiliating an elected representative.
This is a humiliating blow for Anthea but not as humiliating as her career nose-dive since she teamed up with Bovey, and at least the blow won't leave as many bruises as the ones Bruno Brookes used to give her.
JENIN, June 13, 2012 (WAFA) -- Hundreds of Palestinian workers Wednesday demonstrated at al-Jalama checkpoint south of Jenin that separates this West Bank city from Israel to protest humiliating Israeli army measures, according to the workers.
A CARE home worker assaulted a resident and ill-treated three others by shouting at them and humiliating them, a jury heard.
But now X Factor has just gone and undone all its hard work and sunk to a new low by humiliating Wales' very own Ceri Rees.