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For instance, on January 29, 1963, when Heath was Britain's chief Common Market negotiator, Britain's application was humiliatingly rejected by the French.
Humiliatingly, he's transferred to product testing, where the ``special'' elves work.
however, succeed in attracting the attention of the FBI, who deftly rounded up the sorry little band and sent him off to the slammer for a humiliatingly short stay.
Every year, some cadets take these chances and lose: During my freshman experience, two of the campus' five notorious Command Sergeants Major (the campus' highest ranking juniors anti the bulldogs of the corps) were humiliatingly demoted after one such incident, and they were neither the first nor the last cadets demoted that year.
Blagge appealed to the king and Wriothesley was humiliatingly instructed to draft and seal his pardon.
The outcome, as everybody now knows, is that Downing Street had hurriedly and humiliatingly to withdraw its complaint once a memorandum written by Black Rod, the senior House of Lords official, had apparently been submitted which shed a very different light from the Prime Min-ister's on this event.
Some MPs, including veteran Tam Dalyell, had called for Campbell to quit after he was humiliatingly forced to withdraw a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission.
And humiliatingly, for the British, they come low down the `trust index', just above the Greeks and the Italians.
He vigorously declined the proposal, saying that an audience coming to the opera with expectations very different from those of five decades earlier would express their ennui either through humiliatingly polite silence or active disapproval.
They knew it would sell - until voters humiliatingly shunned it in Arizona and South Carolina.
Rusty is a sweet, but slightly geeky, awkward little kid who humiliatingly reminds Russ of everything he disliked about himself when he was a child -- a pudgy, little cry-baby who was the daily victim of the school bullies -- an image Russ has worked hard to overcome and consciously forget.
But, as at Lindley WMC where steward Bobby Campbell was humiliatingly turfed out after 25 years only to bounce back triumphantly, those who initially appear to win first often end up with egg on their face.