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Deepti, in her suicide note said that she was taking extreme step due to humiliation in school.
For how long will Pakistan have to suffer the constant humiliation wrought on it by the greedy Sharif brothers dashing abroad seeking help from foreign leaders to save the wealth they plundered from the nation?
He went on to say "These self-destructive instincts are brought to life by a combination of psychological, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions that lead from humiliation to violence.
Humiliation and humility-though often thought to be similar-are as far apart as east is from west.
Originally published in French as Le temps des humilies: Pathologie des relations internationals in 2014, this book examines how humiliation became a major concept in international relations, how it structures the contemporary international system, and how its underestimation explains impasses in international negotiations and aspects of new international conflicts.
Wars provide the opportunity for humiliation in very stark ways, because defeat on the battlefield tends to bring not just ridicule and derision, but also clear losses, particularly of territory.
Within this schema, the chosen trauma provides a narrative framework of the chosen myth that periodically animates a discourse of national humiliation which sometimes suggests a path to national redemption.
We will briefly explore the history of humiliation research and explain how this experience is moving to the forefront of concern.
So Kirstie, if you can't deal with a bit of humiliation, humiliation, humiliation, don't dish it out.
Humiliation is They are the weekends when the deadly derbies with Sunderland will take place.
It's difficult not to react otherwise after they plumbed new depths with their World Cup humiliation against New Zealand last week.
Fujairah -- A 23-year-old Filipino, who posted the number of his compatriot's mobile phone on Facebook claiming she works as a masseur, has been referred to the Fujairah Federal Criminal Court by the Fujairah public prosecution to be tried on charges of humiliation and defamation.