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Lecount had done, and felt, with a profound sense of humiliation, that his female enemy had taken him by surprise.
Penitence, humiliation, shame, pride, love, and trustfulness - I see them all; and in them all, I see that horror of I don't know what.
A frouzy mourning of soot and smoke attired this forlorn creation of Barnard, and it had strewn ashes on its head, and was undergoing penance and humiliation as a mere dust-hole.
Would it but please your valours,'' added Isaac, in a tone of deep humiliation,
Her resolution to study hard during another term at the college had been formed, not for the sake of becoming learned, but that she might become more worthy of Smilash; and when she learned the truth about him from his own lips, the idea of returning to the scene of that humiliation became intolerable to her.
For a moment a hideous sense of humiliation came over the woman.
When they reached him master and man mounted once more, and without going back to bid farewell to the mock or imitation Arcadia, and more in humiliation than contentment, they continued their journey.
We may indeed with propriety be said to have reached almost the last stage of national humiliation.
Would he on any occasion either have demanded or have received the like humiliation from Spain, or Britain, or any other POWERFUL nation?
It was plain that he hesitated before the thought of this humiliation.
The detective had a feeling akin to humiliation in profiting by the kindness of Mr.
She realised that my outburst of passion had been simply revenge, a fresh humiliation, and that to my earlier, almost causeless hatred was added now a personal hatred, born of envy.