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Linguists contribute to the debate on the role of contextual and non-contextual meaning in humor by exploring approaches at the essence of humorous discourse, humor as a function of discourse, and the computer modeling of humorous discourse.
It is possible that humor developed for another purpose and then appropriated aspects of the apes' play behavior.
The meme does not only seem to throw humor at readers, like all memes do.
Because April is National Humor Month and we could all benefit from a little more levity, we at Curriculum Review decided to talk to humor expert, Dr.
The current study was envisioned to assess the relationship between perceived stress and numerous factors of sense of humor among undergraduate university medical students.
Weight-related Humor in the Media: Appreciation, Distaste, and Anti-fat Attitudes.
In this book review article we discuss Su's work with particular attention to her 2014 book [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Dark Humor and the Tradition of Humor in American Fiction).
Se aplico un instrumento de datos sociodemograficos, la version en espanol del Cuestionario de Estilos de Humor (HSQ, siglas en ingles) de Martin, Puhlik-Doris, Larsen, Gray y Weir (2003), adaptada a la poblacion venezolana por Rodriguez y Feldman (2009), y el Inventario de Ansiedad Rasgo-Estado (Spielberger y Diaz-Guerrero, 1975).
But beyond the general feel good", morale-boosting humor factor, I believe there are several ways humor in the workplace can create a safer work environment:
The power of humor in the classroom cannot be overstated.
Humor may help to decrease or eliminate stress-related negative consequences (Besser, Luyten, & Mayes, 2012; Falkenberg, Buchkremer, Bartels, & Wild, 2011; Freeman & Ventis, 2010; Kuiper & McHale, 2009; Lebowitz, Suh, Diaz, & Emery, 2011; Strick, Holland, Van Baaren, & Van Knippenberg, 2009; Stuber, et al.
However, we shouldn't hastily dismiss any and all use of humor or other "entertaining" devices.