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Oh, yeah," the person will say, "the humorless state.
The only time it lets up is when the critics' lords and masters have to approach the charmless, rude, cocky, and humorless ugly Americans (and beg them) to bail them out against a period of national poverty or enemies bent on their destruction.
Plantagenet, who chooses a vigorous political career over an idle aristocratic life, is staid and humorless, in contrast to Lady Glencora, who is witty and passionate.
Although rated as stern, humorless, unemotional, and lacking in social skills at age 14, at later ages these boys developed more of the openness and expressiveness shown by high self-esteem girls.
She wrote light poetry on behalf of the suffrage movement, bringing wit to a cause that was often accused of being humorless.
Kanner's original concept of the background development supporting development of the condition focused on parents who were "intelligent, obsessive, perfectionistic, and humorless people who use set rules as a substitute for life's enjoyment.
One worry is that there is a character in the show who is a humorless failure and who happens to be a theater critic.
The essence of the band - hard rock touched by punk, dour ``power ballads'' and Vedder's humorless bellow - seems especially mild, like the comfort food on classic-rock channels, in light of more useful sounds from pop's Arctic Monkeys or intense, edge-of- darkness acts like Avenged Sevenfold.
Meanwhile, even he knows that he and intellectual, humorless Grace are ill matched; when he blurts out that he loves her, he's left "feeling barefoot surrounded by broken glass.
If you are in your 20s, you wear yore" sexuality with a chiseled, humorless gravity, a take-it-while-you-can mentality implying that life after 35 is devoid of spiritual and carnal fulfillment.
Conceptual art seems to have acquired a reputation for humorless pedantics right from the start.