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There is of course a forbidding legacy in the world of left-leaning publishing of ultraworthy, unimpeachable humorlessness. We want to program against that and other conventions of dreary political predictability as much as possible.
But it would be a mistake merely to view this as a tale of youthful earnestness, or humorlessness. Rather, it tells us much, if the story is true -- and more so if it isn't -- about Nasrallah's detachment from the essential features making Lebanon what it is.
Pam Buchanan goes everywhere: a French girls school; a career in committed-leftist magazines (with some apt commentary on the bone-deep humorlessness of political journalists); wartime correspondence at Anzio, Omaha Beach, and Dachau; Hollywood; Israel; a diplomatic interlude in some fictional African country whose general description and time-frame suggest it might be Gabon.
He is also good on the humorlessness of the benevolent world-improvers and their lack of personal bonds.
(40) Little about the mature Lee suggests quite the priggish humorlessness that Tate found in Ransom, but if Underwood is right about the parallel in Tate's imagination--as I think he is--then Tate had a corresponding fear of Lee that led to dislike.
Smuts surrendered office to Nationalist leader and fellow Cape Dutchman Daniel Malan, a peculiar man whose dour mien and humorlessness made even the Field Marshall seem vivacious.
Surely that's the most logical explanation for such an abrasively unpleasant comedy, whose nauseating visual style and senseless "Benny Hill"-style editing are perfectly matched for the incompetence of its plotting and the humorlessness of its jokes.
To see how Marianne's accusatory rather than joking responses cause friction between her and Elinor, it's worth looking closely at an exchange between Elinor, Marianne, and Edward that highlights Marianne's humorlessness. This exchange occurs during Edward's gloomy visit to Barton Cottage after Willoughby has left the area.
The Universal Press Syndicate cartoonist also criticized the "dull, Taliban-like humorlessness" of the Obama and McCain campaigns, which both decried Blitt's cover.
Not unlike Robin Wood's schematically Freudian-Marxist methodology, which much of Framing Monsters closely echoes, there is a certain humorlessness underlying the book's insistent critical resistance to the apparently always insidious seductions of popular cinema.
the same humorlessness with which she reads my essays.
The whole structure of the sequence, particularly the way phrases are shaped, the way certain allusions are made to Laurel and Hardy and comic papers is an acknowledgment of this monstrous inequality; and to read it any other way seems to me to reveal a humorlessness