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Elizabeth does not want to think seriously of what pain she must have caused Darcy, and therefore there is an edge to her response, an edge that comes from Jane's seriousness and humorlessness, her wish to think well of everyone:
My emphasis on the deliberate humorlessness of SE means to direct attention to the seriousness of De Palma's efforts here--a seriousness that flays open the body of his work to reveal the wounded logic of his own suspense genre.
There is, too, the long development of a certain high-mindedness, a humorlessness, a pulverization of delight that stamps a particular kind of European, male, heterosexual artist making figurative paintings against the prevailing grain.
Yet another danger is the humorlessness with which scholarship approaches its own critical enterprise, equating the objectivity of science with an intolerance of the quirkiness of the sense of humor, which will then fail of appreciation as an ingredient in the repertory of Scriptural authors or, indeed, of their near-contemporaries in eastern and classical antiquity.
She has an even stronger death wish than Henchard does, and, like him, she suffers from low self-esteem, loneliness, humorlessness, and sadness.