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The special committee's head, Abdulaziz al-Sada, who is also a consultant for Safety Operations and Traffic Control in the Roads Maintenance Department at Ashghal, said 102 requests were rejected and 223 are pending field inspection to assess if there is a real need for a speed hump.
The committee receives applications from the Central Municipal Council, Traffic and Patrols Department in the Ministry of Interior and ministries, government agencies and schools regarding construction of speed humps.
Speed humps are mainly used in residential areas and on internal roads to force drivers to observe the speed limit.
Director Abdul Latif explained that the Ministry normally opts for speed humps to force drovers to reduce speed and therefore minimize accidents or reduce the severity of collision, especially in residential and commercial areas, where more children and old people are seen crossing the roads.
We have asked for speed humps before but never got any.
Reflective poles in black and yellow are installed on both sides of some speed humps to prevent drivers from overtaking from the side and warn road users of the hump from a distance.
Alder Street which was a relief road for Bradford Road now has many humps thus drivers are forced into using the main routes causing havoc at peak periods.
All of the city`s humps should be reduced and their approaches made more vehicle friendly, not made more dangerous like those of Wyken Croft.
We have also seen the removal of six square humps from Skelton High Street in the last few weeks - hurrah.
Auditor Mohammad Samir, who lives in the China cluster of International City, said while some of the speed humps around the area are necessary for pedestrian crossings, others placed near the exits of the city are not justified.
My Humps - which reached No3 in the UK - was savaged by the music press at the time.
Something I read a couple of years ago in a London national newspaper brought these speed humps into focus.