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I hump his hunch for five thousand just the same," said MacDonald.
Mebbe this is a case where a hunch after the draw is better'n the hunch before," Kearns remarked; "wherefore duty says, 'Lift her, Jack, lift her,' and so I lift her another five thousand.
He and his colleagues investigated that hunch by reviewing dental and health records of nearly 4,000 U.
com, the # 1 gift recommendation website and operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), and leading recommendation engine Hunch, have partnered to offer a unique and highly personalized gift shopping experience, based on the most reliable information of all - a recipient's own taste.
Dynes and his collaborators began their work on a hunch that there is an inverse proximity effect.
Mr Gove said: "My hunch is families would prefer longer hours.
Further investigation proved that hunch to be right, revealing that these mice develop osteoporosis, impaired wound healing, muscle weakening, organ atrophy, and other age-related conditions much earlier in their lives than rodents normally do.
In today's ultra-competitive automotive retailing marketplace, dealers cannot afford to base a major expenditure such as advertising on a hunch," Dohring said.
I've a hunch that I've found the world's greatest 100-1 bet, but where's Peter Beardsley when you need him?
To test his hunch, Kjeldsen cut up foam from old refrigerators into cubes 1 or 2 centimeters on a side and monitored CFC-11 releases.