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Igor (John Cusack) is a hunchbacked assistant with dreams of becoming an evil genius in his own right.
The danger of these spies lies not only in the ability of these hidden 'brigades' to infiltrate and reach to the depths," Lini wrote, but "include the decrepit, hunchbacked old man who can hardly walk two steps; the strong young man who can cover the length and breadth of the land; the infirm woman sitting in the depths of her house.
Igor (Cusack) is the hunchbacked assistant to an evil scientist who, much to the bemusement of the evil science community, aims to win the Evil Science Fair.
The hunchbacked, the dwarfish and the vulgar bouffant slickers were not only sitting all around me, they were writing the rules which made them look like sack-cloth and ashes ascetics when their millions were hidden away.
Scheduled to open last month at the Hilton Theatre, it features a cast of first-rank Broadway players like Roger Bart in the title role, Shuler Hensley as the monster, Sutton Foster as Inga the sexpot lab assistant, Christopher Fitzgerald as the hunchbacked servant Igor, Andrea Martin as the housekeeper, and Megan Mullally as Elizabeth, Dr.
As I headed past the stone griffins I could picture a hunchbacked butler greeting me in a Translyvanian accent with the words: "The master will see you shortly".
My mind's eye always pictured a true high-end custom holster maker as a grizzled man in his 60s or early 70s; hunchbacked and bespectacled from bending over a dimly lit workbench 10, 12, 14 or maybe 16 hours a day; large hands with crack-skinned fingers rough enough to sand titanium.
And the chapter, "Jesus is not a sadist," is fully refuted by the hunchbacked dwarf's transformation of Gehenna from the Essene death chamber in which non-Essenes were exterminated, into the Christian Hell in which the Religious Right's detractors, including moderate Christians, are tortured by flamethrowers for all eternity (Mark 9:47-49).
There are other jarring comments, such as this on Oskar's apprenticeship to a monumental mason immediately after the war: 'While for Greff, swimming in ice-cold water is a form of "self-flagellation", the image of a hunchbacked dwarf working with granite serves as a macabre parody for the torture the so-called Untermenschen were forced to endure in the labor camps' (p.
There are imaginary animals, such as birds with teeth, hunchbacked creatures with humps not only on their backs, but also on their heads or with incredible tails, or full of eyes.
With the help of a hunchbacked gnome, Tristan and Wig attempt to regain the stone and free the imprisoned twin.