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Dean Fisherman in 2008 when he observed the hunched posture of one of his patients while texting.
Thomas says there are steps you can take to help prevent the hunched look from developing, or at least reduce its severity.
"There is the tendency to sit in a hunched position when working on computers and laptops, putting a lot of strain on the neck."
Lit by three candles in Jack Daniels' bottles and a lampshade, Jack - a contemporary of Woody Guthrie and inspiration to a young Bob Dylan - is unlike most people hunched over a guitar.
Deller announced that he would recommend to the college council that the school dose on May 31--just seven months after it hunched an $8.5 million fundraising campaign to mark its 125th anniversary.
IF YOU are sick of sitting hunched over your lap top at the kitchen table, then you need the new lap top table from www.
Thus Lil' Kim, contriving to look forbidding in a platinum wig and ruffled pink bikini top, is clearly a "pinup"; Iris Murdoch, hunched at her desk in a Hemingway-esque cloud of cigarette smoke, is just as obviously a "genius." Young John and Paul, baby-faced and eager in a Frankfurter or Liverpudlian pub, occupy the exact middle of the scale.
Ehrenreich once found one of her co-workers hunched over a counter.
My curiosity is aroused, however, by advertisements in such periodicals as The Economist, holding out the prospect of higher degrees to stay-at-homes hunched over the computer or listening to tapes.
Crew members sat in a row, hunched over, turning a crank that ran through the ship to make it go.
September 6, 1992, 8:30 A.M.--Most residents of North Palm Beach, Florida were hunched over their branflakes reading the newspaper.
I am a rodent the enemy cannot kill and eat, but there is a certain cruel kinship that I recognize and hate even as hissing, we make deadly embrace, eyes wide, never more awake, knife in fist, I meet my hunched nightmare, my mirror twin face to face, kill him and kill my hateful self.