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People who are hunched project a cringing message and do not get listened to as well as those who stand up straight.
Cradling the phone between the ear and shoulder or working hunched over a laptop can all contribute to back stiffness.
Stute started the ball roiling back in February last year when it hunched a range of ambient smoothies in two flavours.
To be hunched in March, "Georisk" will cover a range of research and practice areas including geohazards (earthquakes, rock falls, tsunamis, etc.
I was locked into a crooked grind when the last half of a man--thin hair, a hunched back--began to spit rhetoric about my lack of historical deference.
The announcement was made while the company officially hunched crankshaft forging production at the Decherd facility.
She sits hunched in corners and hugs the walls while passing between classes.
NEW YORK cowboy Ramblin' Jack Elliott is hunched over a guitar on a small stage in the intimate Taylor John's House.
Twellman, his back to the goal, hunched over to head it onto the path of Pope, and the veteran defender drilled it past Japan goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.
Deller announced that he would recommend to the college council that the school dose on May 31--just seven months after it hunched an $8.
In one image he puts his head into a framed picture as if through a window; in another he lies hunched up on a bed spanning a road in the middle of nowhere.
Most residents of North Palm Beach, Florida were hunched over their branflakes reading the newspaper.