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In fact, he believes computers will impose a left-brain discipline on right-brain hunches in a way that is well beyond the computational capacity of the human mind.
Although the researchers speculated about the greater increase in cases of diarrhea in winter, they could not statistically test their hunches about which biological or behavioral factors may have contributed to the greater winter incidence.
Rather, Jenssen's practice involves a kind of trans- or multilinguistic "babble," in which the artist's attentiveness, his rapid and acute recognition of useful accidents, caprices, and hunches, plays a key role.
In his presentation, Dohring said many dealers may be wasting 20 to 30 percent or more of their advertising budgets -- up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year -- by basing their media buys on hunches, intuition, and "conventional wisdom" rather than factual information regarding their specific market.
Obviously speculators were operating on more than just hunches.
It's The Hunches, and Got Some Hate lives up to its name.