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Complex thinking in a complex world requires a logistician to recognize the uniqueness of each situation and have the confidence to exercise newfound hunches. The irony of this educational approach is that recognizing and dealing with the reality of vu jade actually becomes something practitioners have sensed before.
We answer these questions with hunches. Usually bad ones.
As I say, it's only a hunch but hunches do come off - usually when I don't back them.
is apt to think that / if he is good at hunches sometimes, / he may rely on them always.
Holy Hunches Bruce Main Baker Books Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287 0801058037, $13.99
The problems are rooted in the fact that adjusters' workloads are enormous and having a consistent mechanism to easily explore hunches is rare, not to mention expensive.
Often, the support amounts to no more than hunches or gut feelings.