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The Presidency's logo shows an EU flag and French flag hung together.
Had the press hung together," Miller said, the damage done to the media during the Plame/CIA leak probe, would have been reduced.
For the free exhibition, which runs from September 10 to October 23, the three portraits of each TV celebrity are hung together, for visitors to decide which they would have chosen.
So we're going to sing harmonies on each other's songs just to show that there can still be a unity,'' he says, ``a family atmosphere just like there was in the '70s with all these cats that just hung together and sang together and headed down the road together.
Different imaging studies performed on the same patient the same day should be hung together, so that the interpreter has additional information.
The gallery features a wide variety of work and part of its charm is that different styles are hung together, creating a captivating medley, with ceramics and sculptures also on show.