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HUNGER. The desire for taking food. Hunger is no excuse for larceny. 1 Hale, P. C. 54; 4 Bl. Com. 31. But it is a matter which applies itself strongly to the consciences of the judges in mitigation of the punishment.
     2. When a person has died, and it is suspected he has been starved to death, an examination of his body ought to be made, to ascertain whether or not he died of hunger. The signs which usually attend death from hunger are the following: The body is much emaciated, and a foetid, acrid odor exhales from it, although death may have been very recent. The eyes are red and open, which is not usual in other causes of death. The tongue and throat are dry, even to aridity, and the stomach and intestines are contracted and empty. The gall bladder is pressed with bile, and this fluid is found scattered over the stomach and intestines, so as to tinge them very extensively. The lungs are withered, but all the other organs are generally in a healthy state. The blood vessels are usually empty. Foder‚, tom. ii. p. 276, tom. iii. p. 231; 2 Beck's Med. Jur. 52; see Eunom. Dial. 2, Sec. 47, p. 142, and the note at p. 384.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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29 Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike for different periods in Israeli prisons in protest at their detention administratively without charge or trial.
He said that the workers decided unanimously to go on hunger strike till death against the factory management.
Teachers are united for single cause, will keep protesting until the demands are fulfilled, they said while insisted that token hunger strike is only the beginning.
After the assurance, he ended his hunger strike by taking lemon juice," the Union Minister added.
Meanwhile, Hasan Owawi, 38, from Hebron, detained since January 15 and a father of three, remains on hunger strike started on April 2; and Odeh Hroub, 32, a father of 10 from the Hebron district and detained since December of last year, also remains on hunger strike started on April 2 to protest their not-ending administrative detention.
'However, today in the morning he was again contacted by the officials and asked to come to the said hospital where he found that Yasin Malik is on hunger strike,' he added.
The hunger strike, which is the hardest choice for the prisoners, comes after the IPS has imposed tightening measures against the detainees and prisoners and deprived them of their most basic human rights that are guaranteed under international laws and standards.
"Responsible human rights officials of the European Parliament, OSCE, Council of Europe, who some time ago in the case of Mehman Huseynov made unfounded allegations, despite the fact that he stopped the hunger strike, are silent about the death of a journalist in Armenia as a result of the hunger strike," Abdullayeva added.
Fifteen Kurds are on an indefinite hunger strike in Strasbourg and many more are on hunger strike in Turkish prisons.
He said there are in total 42 Sosma detainees in the Penang Prison, but only the eight who were in separate cells due to the health conditions were on hunger strike.
The protesters who had set up a hunger strike camp at Booni Chowk in Mastuj tehsil said they were protecting the forests and wildlife for the last three years, but their salaries had been withheld for the last nine months and they had come to know that their services had been suspended.