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It was a steeplechase, with four hurdles, all pretty high.
Another set of hurdles and then the field were out of sight.
At the end of the Easter term there were the sports, and he would be able to go in for the races; he rather fancied himself over the hurdles.
The lower of the three is Gilchrist, a fine scholar and athlete, plays in the Rugby team and the cricket team for the college, and got his Blue for the hurdles and the long jump.
Through the open window came an uneven humming sound like that which rises from a flock of sheep pent within hurdles at dusk.
Farther away some workmen were pounding chalk stones and tempering the clay in a space enclosed by hurdles.
Determined at once to prove the truth - or rather the falsehood - of her story, I hastened to Woodford as fast as my legs could carry me; first veering round by a circuitous course, but the moment I was out of sight of my fair tormentor cutting away across the country, just as a bird might fly, over pasture-land, and fallow, and stubble, and lane, clearing hedges and ditches and hurdles, till I came to the young squire's gates.
A main entrance it was plainly meant to be, but never finished; instead of gates of wrought iron, a pair of hurdles were tied across with a straw rope; and as there were no park walls, nor any sign of avenue, the track that I was following passed on the right hand of the pillars, and went wandering on toward the house.
But it appeared that as the paddock had not been used during the winter, the hurdles made in the autumn for it were broken.
Then the dramatic critic, on all fours, galloped along the sand for all the world like a horse, and for all the world like a horse taking hurdles he jumped the planks to the end of the course.
At length I resolved to try a pitfall; so I dug several large pits in the earth, in places where I had observed the goats used to feed, and over those pits I placed hurdles of my own making too, with a great weight upon them; and several times I put ears of barley and dry rice without setting the trap; and I could easily perceive that the goats had gone in and eaten up the corn, for I could see the marks of their feet.
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